Tuesday, September 17, 2013

First Soccer Practice

Ryland had his first ever soccer team practice on Labor Day.  The official name of his team is the Columbus Crew.  But during their first practice they decided as a team that the name was not "cool" enough so they renamed themselves the Sharks!

We could tell that the soccer camp that he did earlier this summer through school taught him the basics because he was pretty good for a 3 year old :)  He did great for the most part listening to his coaches and playing hard during the entire practice.  I will post pictures soon from their first game.  This soccer season should be entertaining for us and a fun experience for Ryland!   

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Snapshot Of Our Life From Our iPhone

Here are some of the recent pictures from our phone ... it is a little insight into our world and the fun that we have!

Getting ready to head to the laser show at Stone Mountain Park.

Getting ready to head to the laser show at Stone Mountain Park.

Daddy holding all of us!

Look how grown up he looks in this picture :)

Taking a break from swimming

At Stone Mountain Park - waiting on the laser show to start - riding daddy like he is the masked horseman.

Sometimes I forget that he is a boy :)

Hugging Ellie Brooke goodbye before she moves to Kansas

Last neighborhood dinner with the Selbee's.

Yelling "hear comes lucky!" at the Daytona dog track

Looking at the Daytona race track from Hooters :) ...

Working hard to dig the hole deep.

Super Ryland!

Watching the neighborhood workers while eating breakfast.

Hiking around the waterfall in Highlands, NC

At the Daytona Dog Track picking out the winning dog.

Stone Mountain Park - August 2013